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Splash n Dash Fun Run

Saturday, July 26, 2014
Splash n Dash Fun Run

Summertime in Florida is hot - not kinda hot, not sorta hot, but hot as… well, you know. We can hide inside all summer or we can find fun ways to cool off - run through a sprinkler, get sprayed by a hose, get pegged by a water balloon, have a squirt gun battle or pour a bucket of ice down our pants… whatever floats your boat.

Splash n Dash is an event where you can have fun with your friends and find a great way to get outside and stay cool.

Who is SPLASH N DASH for?
Everyone who wants to get outside and get wet is welcome to participate. Expert runners and first timers of all ages and genders will start out hot and dry and end up soaking wet.

What is the course like?
Participants will experience SPLASH zones and DASH zones. They MAY encounter water gun snipers, balloon attacks, hose sprays and slip n slides.

You’ll also need to look out for your fellow runners – runners are encouraged to bring their own water weapon of choice and use it to splash their friends or make new friends.

Stick around for an after party you won’t forget with a huge water balloon fight!!

Is the race timed?
Did we mention that it is going to be hot? You don’t want to sprint in that heat! Time doesn’t matter so we ain’t keeping it. You will probably spend half your time on the course dodging water gun snipers and trying to SPLASH other runners! Plus, our Mickey Mouse watch got hit by a water balloon and doesn’t work anyway.

Finish Line?
Head down the huge slip and slide and cross the finish line. Then get ready for the monster water balloon fight!

How does packet pick up work?
There will be a pre-race packet pick-up event - more details to be provided soon
Everyone must bring a minimum of 25 filled water balloons on race day in order to be able to participate in the post run water fight!
We will not have filling stations on-site so if you cannot make it to a pre-race packet pick-up you will need to fill and bring your own balloons ahead of time.

What else do I need to know about SPLASH N DASH?
You will get wet. Protect (or leave behind) anything that may be damaged by water. We are not responsible if you fail to do so - It’s called the SPLASH N DASH for a reason!
Now - grab your friends, choose your weapon, and register today for the most exciting water war on the planet.

Important Information about the Balloon Battle:
Okay, you just DASHED through the heat and amazingly refreshing SPLASH Zones. Hopefully you survived the balloon bombers and squirt gun snipers and are ready for the Balloon Battle.
1. What is the Balloon Battle? It’s a big ‘ol water balloon fight!!
2. How do I get to participate? At packet pick up you will get 25 water balloons. Bring at least those 25 balloons and we will give you a wristband showing that you are in. If you want to bring more balloons, feel free, the wetter the better!  A great way to transport balloons is in a cooler. 
3. Why do YOU have to fill them? No one wants to stand in a line while thousands of people fill their water balloons. Filling balloons at home and bringing them on race day prevents long boring lines. We need everyone’s help to make the water balloon fight as big as possible.
4. Will there be anywhere to fill them on race day? NO, NOPE, NO WAY! You got us? We’ve done the math and we don’t want you to have to stand in the line on race day that would come from trying to accommodate race day filling. No filling on race day.
5. General balloon fight rules:
*No heads shots. It’s about fun not revenge so keep your aim low.
*No throwing outside the balloon fight area-there will be people watching so be nice.

Click here to register! Click here to tell a friend
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Baldwin Park
$35 Early Bird, $40 Pre Reg, $45 week of, $50 at the door (if not sold out), Children 12 and Under are always $20
Additional Information

Packet Pick Up
Location: Buffalo Wild Wings, 11400 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 32817 
Wednesday, 7/23/14 from 11-2
Friday 7/25/14 from 3-7.

Be sure to bring your ID! You can pick up packets for friends/family but you will need a copy of their ID (or a photo of it on your smart phone.)

What is the cost?
$35 early bird registration (Before May 24) 
$40 pre registration (Before July 21)
$45 week of the event (Before NOON on July 25)
$50 at the door (if not sold out)
Children 12 and under are always $20 when accompanied by a registered adult. The registered adult assumes all responsibility for the participating child.  Kids and Adults participate in the same run. 

What does the registration fee include?
- Squirt Gun
-Awesome Splash n Dash Drawstring Backpack
- 25 water balloons, you must fill and bring on race day.
-Food Samples from BWW, Lime and more!
- Access to the race and all the post-race insanity!

Day of Event Schedule:
8:30-9:45am: Day of registration and packet pick-up
11:00am: Water war/festival and after party!



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