Weather Line

                                              All leagues are still on as scheduled!!

Due to the unpredictable nature of Florida weather, it is best to wait until 4:30 PM on your game day to see if your game has been cancelled. Here's what you need to do to keep informed:

1) Check your e-mail towards the end of the day - we send one out when we make the call.
2) Check your voice mail - when we make the call we try to call all the captains.
3) Call the Sport and Social Club office at 407-896-9510 during normal business hours or after 5pm you can reach  
John at 732-320-7396 but remember - if you don't hear from us then games are on!

We make every attempt not to cancel leagues unless we have to. We play when it's cold. We play when it's sprinkling out. We play when it's windy out. If it is really wet out we cancel leagues so we don't destroy the fields. Remember when you were a kid? - it's fun playing around in the mud!

If you don't hear from us, then GAMES ARE ON!

OFFICE LINE (During normal business hours): 407-896-9510
Orlando Sport and Social Club Mobile (Call after 5:00): Tanner at 239 989 3781; J'son at 850 206 1053

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